Treasury of Wisdom

That is the rather wonderful name of the Christian school in Lutsk, Ukraine, one of our Partners. From their latest news, it is clear to see that the Lord is at work in the school and the people connected to it :

Dear friends,

On behalf of the “Treasury of Wisdom Lyceum”, we thank you for the prayers and support you have provided us during 2021.

We have been working successfully for 11 years. With 10 years of experience, we had 9th grade graduates twice. They had to leave us and enter colleges or other schools.

The number of students in the lyceum increased compared to last year, there were 128, now there are 143 students. Some teachers left us,  but there are 3 new teachers in our team: a biology and math teacher and a primary school teacher. With your help, we were able to equip one of the classroom with new single desks.

Our school is located in the church on three floors. The dining room is on the 1st floor, the exit is the 2nd , and the classrooms are on the 3rd. The elevator, which is in the building, did not work for a year. This breakage limited the movement of disabled children, which there are 4 in our lyceum. With your help, we have restored the elevator, now it is fully operational.

During the school year 2020-2021, we had the opportunity to hold school holidays – Christmas, Talent Day, Family Day, the Last BellHoliday, to which parents and relatives were invited. Each time we testified that God is the Lord of creation, we believe in Him and entrust our lives to Him, we called everyone to prayer and faith in Jesus Christ.

 In summer 2021, three of our graduates took a serious step and decided to follow Christ by being baptized. Also, the  mum of one graduate was baptized, and we are incredibly happy because of this.

Next school year we plan to give our students the opportunity to continue their studies at our lyceum in the 10th grade for the first time. To do this, we need one more classroom. There are no available in the building. Please pray with us for a solution for this situation.

Also, please, support us in praying for our possibility to teach  pupils offline during pandemic and vaccination.

Thank you for your support in educating the younger generation.

Sincerely, director of the “Treasury of Wisdom” Lyceum,

Sergii Hopanchuk