UK International Development Fund supports CEP Partner

Allan writes of a great encouragement from one of the Integra projects in Kenya :

Yesterday in Nairobi, our company was selected as the first prize winner in a competition held by UK AID, the British international development agency.

The competition was among innovative companies that had demonstrated a track record in providing income and employment for significant numbers of poor or disadvantaged people.

Ten Senses Africa Ltd. provides steady work for more than 300 women, and stable income for 15,000 farmers.

The ¬£100,000 prize money will be used to develop a new Blockchain software that will allow us to provide faster and more transparent payments to farmers, engage more farmers in our training program, monitor and improve social impact, sustain organic and fair trade certification standards and reduce losses in the company’s value chain.

We are humbled by the recognition. And pleased with the impact on the lives of thousands of African farmers and their families.

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Thanks for your prayers and support.