Ukraine Youth Work

Bartek and Zhanna are really encouraged by the Lord’s blessing on their Youth Work ministry in Ukraine. Thanks to donations made by CEP supporters in UK, we were able to help them financially to upgrade their facilities, which they appreciate. Here is the note from Bartek :

  Beloved ones! 2018 was really rich and blessed year of our service and life in Ukraine. Thanks to your help we were able to organize 5 camps and 2 conferences for children and youth. Our youth group had opportunity to receive a lot of new friends from other churches of Ukraine and guests from different places in Europe.
2018 was also a time of huge reconstructions in our hut where we organize youth meetings and Sunday worships. We’ve managed to repair whole room and construct a very important room for toilet. We are really grateful to you, because without your help lots of great things would have not happened.

  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, that you are important partners of our service to our Lord Jesus Christ in Ukraine.

 Bartosz & Zhanna Szymczyk