Visiting CEP in Ukraine

Here in the UK we enjoy having Partners from the East to visit us and share with us the work they are doing. But they really love it if visitors from here can visit them there and see first-hand what they are doing in the Lord’s service.

Paul and Sandra from Swansea have had that opportunity this week, and Paul has written to share some of their experiences so far :

“We flew to Poland last Sunday. We met with “Mission to the East” folks on Sunday afternoon and then had a bit of a rest before driving through the night with Ma1colm to Lutsk in Ukraine. 9 hours driving and an hour at the border, but Ma1colm said that this was his fastest trip there ever! A real answer to prayer!

Went to our hosts Vadim and Ania in Lutsk for some breakfast and a couple of hours sleep. We then went to Ania’s pre-school class at the ‘Be Smart’ school, part of the CEP partner called Territory 2:2. We were able to see the ball pool and other equipment, which were supplied by a UK foundation through CEP, being put to great use by the children. Paul helped out with one of the English learning activities and we joined in some of the songs.

Ira (another friend who works with Territory 2:2) took us for a brief visit to show us a new shopping mall in their town which has a roller skating rink in the middle. They are very proud of this new facility. We had a quick cup of coffee and then it was back to the ‘Be Smart’ school for a meeting with Yulia who is interested in expanding her sewing business and we were able to give some help and advice.

Then it was a seminar given by Ma1colm on ‘The Kingdom of God’ where again we were able to appreciate the projector given through the same foundation. Back to Ania’s for supper and bed!!!

Next day we met with Ania’s husband and then back to the Mall for a meeting with Ma1colm and Ivan who gave a business presentation. He is someone who is involved with a church in a village near Lutsk and wishes to start growing blueberries as a business to provide work for the local people. M was able to give him a lot of useful business advice on how to make this happen and we were able to see at first hand how M deals with the many requests for help that come his way.

Back to Ira’s flat for a Bible study on Galatians – in English with a Ukranian translation.

On Wednesday we drove to Rivne to meet with with Bartek and Zhanna, who are missionaries in Ukraine sent by “Mission to the East”. After spending a little time with them we then had a further 3 hour drive on terrible roads to another town called Ternopil. We met with 2 pastors (Eddie and Kola) in the local church there and had lunch with them. Sandra sat in with an English class and was able to give some help (with a Scottish accent!). Sandra, helped by Zhanna, gave a 2hr sewing class to about 14 women, 10 unbelievers and 3 who had never set foot in the church before. The majority of these women were refugees from the East. The feedback from this was that they did not want to go home but to stay and chat and do more sewing! The plan is now for Zhanna to go there once a month on a Saturday to run a sewing class. This was a real answer to prayer for the two pastors and their wives and also Bartek and Zhanna as they were wanting to start up another ministry there.

Sewing class
Sewing class

Paul went with Eddie and Kola and two refugees to see the lock up garage they rent in which they run a small kitchen building business. They showed me photos of work they had done and it looked to be of a very high standard. At the moment they rent most of their tools so they are looking for sponsorship to purchase them.

We stayed with Eddie and Olena and then met up with Kola and Ania for a time of fellowship before returning on the terrible roads back to Rivne.

That brings us to Friday when we spent time with Bartek and Zhanna (and baby Ines) learning about their plans and hopes for the future. Bartek is a real visionary and has developed a great ministry with the youth, some of whom served as leaders in this Summer’s youth camps. He is now working with a ‘second generation’ of youngsters. Zhanna’s sewing groups are also very popular and she continues to support and develop skills there.

Sandra then gave another sewing lesson to some teenagers while Paul and Bartek are going to Orzhiv to meet with the boys in the youth group and to see the improvements made to ‘The Hut’ where the meetings are held. Paul is keen to see the new water supply which was installed earlier in the year. Prior to that they had no running water. They are very grateful for the money from Pantygwydr to achieve this. Paul will be able to advise on necessary repairs to ‘The Hut’.

Up at 4am on Sunday for the long drive back to Poland. Prayers please for a short wait at the border. The crossing can take anything from 3 to 8 hours!! ”


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