Winter fun and games

Some positive and encouraging news from D3Generations :

“Greetings to you in 2017 from Romania!

What’s new with us? Let me catch you up from our part of the world…

I am really glad we’ve had a lot of snow in our city unlike last year. It looks like a real winter… everything looks pretty and white, children play joyfully in the snow. The schools were closed for several days which made them even more happy! And Laurentiu and I are enjoying going skating and skiing at the weekends!

—  Volunteer programme…

Since our last newsletter we decided to move forward with regular meetings with our volunteers, so every 2 weeks we go to both children’s homes working with the children. We have two groups of volunteers, five in each of the groups, high school and university students, helping them in their development, personal growth, thankfulness etc. We are using various ways to get them to think about such things as their futures and further growth. Together with them we do different activities with the children, connected with winter. The children are very happy to meet and be with us and the volunteers. Their joy at our presence and attention provides us with much motivation to continue. We go for walks, make decorations and do crafts, play games, talk with them.

—  Summer teams…

We are moving ahead with preparations for the summer camp. We are looking forward and planning to have a group coming from USA of 21-26 year olds to help with a camp in the mountains, and perhaps two more couples who are considering coming from England. We are planning English conversation, team building activities and personal development topics for our former and new volunteers.

We also have a Dutch team of 16-22 year olds who are planning to come for another local outreach project to meet their peers from local high schools as an intercultural exchange. And perhaps they will engage with needy kids too 🙂

Please pray for us and these teams as they get prepared to come and for God to be glorified through our many activities and conversations.


Laurentiu and Carmen”

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