Youth for Christ in Poland

As reported here in September, YFC appointed a new director, Krzysztof Kuzmenko, and it was good to have the chance to meet Kris for the first time at the Malenovice conference. He explained that there are currently 4 strands to the YFC work in Poland, 3 of which are event-based –

  • Ewakuacja – a monthly meeting for students, getting about 100 each time. It is all about evangelism, and then directing those interested on to churches.
  • “The Beginning” – the big New Year youth conference.
  • The Women’s Project – 3 events per year, attracting women of all ages, where issues of identity are addressed, seeing your character through the eyes of Christ.

The fourth strand is the “Narnia Club”, which is a day club for children in Wroclaw, meeting each week, and resulting in much fruit. An example of this – one girl came 8 years ago, just to drop off her little brother, but stayed herself, saying it was the best place to be. Now she is volunteering herself within the project, and her life is completely transformed.

A tremendous thing about the Narnia Club is that it has got too big! So Kris dreams of making changes to the structure, to accommodate the larger numbers, and he also wants to work with their many volunteers, to mentor and develop them, to find a ‘father-figure’ to guide them.