Youth for Christ News

Bartek has told us about recent activity in Wroclaw and elsewhere in Poland :

At the moment, and until the end of April, YFC, as well as Arka and other charitable organisations, are publicising the Polish scheme whereby people can direct 1% of their tax to a charity – obviously there are many charities people can choose from, but YFC have benefitted from it in the past couple of years, which is great news!

There is a Youth Conference being organised in Mikolajki, northern Poland, by Sara, one of the YFC staff who has been involved in this conference for many years now.

The “Narnia” Club in the city centre of Wroclaw, is doing very well and reaching lots of kids. Edyta taught classes there for many years, so already has a good relationship with the kids, who know and like her well – now she has new responsibilities as the Coordinator of the club, and that’s going very well so far. Some new activities are now offered, for example music – a new Casio keyboard is proving a great hit with the children!

Bartek feels that now is a good time for him to “pass on the baton” of being director of YFC – he will continue as a board member and in helping with many of the activities, but asks us to pray for wisdom for the Board as they select the person of God’s choice to lead the work forward.